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Cover-19 update and Policies

I am now open and booking patients for massage. Due to the ongoing risk of COVID-19 in our province, the Chief Medical Officer of Health and our College of Massage Therapists of Ontario are directing that we follow all operational requirements for the health sector. 

Thank you for being patient as I was slowly returning to practice and prioritizing clients with a more urgent need for treatment. And yes I missed you too.

Things will be a little different upon your return. 

1. I have moved my practice back to my home in Pickering. This also allows me to have complete control over who comes into the office.

2. The cleaning and disinfecting protocols of the office are up to the current pandemic standards. This will take place after each client. Which means some things have been removed that cannot be completely sanitized between each client. And it requires a little extra time in between clients, which means times maybe somewhat limited.

3. There is mandatory screening 24 hours before each appointment via an email. It can also be done verbally on the phone if you prefer. This screening process will be done again when you arrive for the appointment. I also go through the same screening process before I treat any patient.

4. I will be wearing a mask and all patients will be required to wear a mask. If you do not have one of your own I can provide one for you upon your arrival. I will also be wearing goggles when working on patients when they are face up on the table.

5. All patients will be required to wash their hands when they arrive before the treatment and to use hand sanitizer after the treatment.

6. I have contact free payments with tap enabled cards or through e-transfer. I can still give you a hand witten receipt or email one to you.

7. If you are not feeling well please do not attend your appointment. You will not be charged at this time for last minute cancellations.


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