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I'm in a lot of pain and don't think I can handle a lot of pressure. Will massage still be beneficial?

Yes.  I can do lighter techniques around the area of pain that will be just as effective and help the

healing process.

Will massage be painful? I was told only deep tissue massage is effective.

Massage does not need to be painful, it should not leave you covered in bruises. Deep tissue                         massage is just one of the techniques I can use. There are many other techniques that can 

be used for the condition that you have. Massage should always be within your pain  tolerance.


Can you bill my insurance company directly?

Sorry, not at this time. I will give you a printed receipt that you can submit to your insurance company

to be reimbursed. 


Do I need to remove all my clothes for a massage?

No. You can remove or leave on whatever you are comfortable with. You will have a sheet

draped over you at all times and only the area I'm working on will be exposed. While most

people prefer direct skin contact, with changes in massage techniques, massage over clothing can

be just as effective and feel just as good.

I have used up all my benefits for massage for the year, can you put my spouse's name on the receipt

so I can use their's?

No. The person who receives the treatment must be the name on the receipt, otherwise it is

insurance fraud.



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